Katherine Ann Hagen  delivers expert analysis and commentary on socio-economic policy issues and decision-making processes. She has an in-depth understanding of how systems of governance operate, both domestically and in an inter-governmental world.  In particular, she has fine-tuned her expertise in facilitating effective and inclusive multi-sectoral and multi-stakeholder dialogue and collaboration.

With an undergraduate degree in Government from Oberlin College, and doctorates in both Law (UNC-Chapel Hill) and International Relations (SIS-American University, Washington, DC), Katherine has developed her expertise with a solid legal and political understanding of governance systems and the capacity of different kinds of actors to participate in them.

Katherine  brings a wealth of both public and private sector experience to her work.  As Deputy Director-General at the International Labour Organization (ILO) she managed the ILO’s policy dialogue with the World Bank and International Monetary Fund and implemented a strategic focus on promoting inclusive social dialogue with workers and employers’ organizations and governments.  And as Vice President of Government Relations at AT&T, she organized multi-stakeholder coalitions at the national level to enact legislation on civil rights and labour-management relations, as well as specific provisions for retiree health funding, occupational safety and health and international labor agreements.

Working today as an independent consultant, she facilitates multi-stakeholder conferences, symposiums and roundtables, building on her extensive networks, to mobilize awareness and action. This has included a variety of collaborative affiliations. As Executive Director for the Global Social Observatory, for example, she conducted a comprehensive consultative process to develop tools for preventing and managing conflict of interest among stakeholder groups in the Scaling Up Nutrition Movement.

Katherine also has strong writing skills and has published numerous articles on global health and labour issues, as well as the nature of multi-stakeholder dialogue. As the Executive Director for the Council for Multi-sectoral and Multi-stakeholder Diplomacy, she even contributed to a weekly newsletter with in-depth analysis of global governance and global social and economic issues.  She continues to write in-depth commentaries for individual clients as well as for her blog (www.katherinehagen.net), and she is also working on a full-length book to consolidate and update her political and socio-economic commentaries for the public at large.

Earlier in her career, Katherine  was a White House Fellow, North Carolina state senator, civic leader and professor of international and comparative politics. She was instrumental in establishing a commission on the status of women  in Greensboro, NC and in enacting legislation to remove sex discrimination from NC statutes.  Throughout her career. Katherine has been dedicated to promoting gender awareness and equality, as well as civil rights and civil liberties more broadly.